Monday, 26 August 2013

Unboxing - my Benton re-order from Gmarket. Reviews soon!

Been crazy busy lately, but have a few reviews lined up for some lovely products (Akamuti's Rose Facial Oil, Chosungah's Combination Cream among others).

In the meantime, here's the unboxing of my re-order from Benton - I basically re-ordered everything except the toner and the mask. The toner didn't work for me, and I still have a good supply of masks. 

Benton was really generous with their samples! I ordered three full-sized items, and they sent me the following samples: a mask, three of steam cream, one of aloe propolis gel, two of toner (not using it! :P ), one of the snail bee serum, two sachets of vitamin c, a pack of wipes and a tub of the aloe propolis gel. 

I'm quite excited about their newest item, a Steam Cream, and will review once I have tried that!

You can find my previous Benton reviews here, and the shop on Gmarket here


  1. Hi, great review on the Benton products :)
    Planning on getting the essence myself. May I ask, how was it delivered to you? Thru post office?

  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Gmarket usually delivers via courier post!

  3. Thanks for replying. was wondering how to u use the yellow freebies? the one in the middle